Monday, June 30, 2008

"PB and J No.10"

Oil on Board. Approx 8"x4" SOLD

I tried to be a lot more brushy with this one. I think that added to the thickness of the peanut butter. It was weird, when I built up the peanut butter color it kinda felt like I was smearing the real thing. I think I'm starting to crack up, maybe? It's the lack of sleep with the new born. Lucy is almost 6 weeks old and looking more cute then ever.


Unknown said...

Critical life changes can provide that extra nudge, and it certainly seems Lucy's appearance has sparked soemthing! This is wonderful -

Anonymous said...

Oh this looks good enough to eat. I used to eat one every day for lunch when I was in my youth.

Anonymous said...

I took peanut butter & jelly for lunch every day for 12 years. My parents tried to get me to change, but I didn't see a need to, so I didn't.

That jelly looks so amazingly real. It has the perfect gloss and texture. The peanut butter looks a mile thick (as it should be). Nice to see a version open faced.

Mona Diane Conner said...

Michael, Maybe you have already answered this question, but what kind of board are you working on?
Is it gessoed panel?

Jennifer Moreman's Art said...

I'm in love with your work!!!

Pamela Nichols said...

I haven't bought a jar of peanut butter in nearly two decades. My 17-year-old daughter won't eat it. I can't even hide it in a cookie. Your painting seems so real that I think I might have to buy a jar of Jif!

Congrats on the birth or your little Lucy. Can't wait to see her first portrait.

Anonymous said...

This looks so tasty, I actually want to go and make myself one just like that.

great work I love it all.
I myself think it is great fun painting/drawing objects such as this, mostly fruit and flowers. You do such a wonderful job at making everything look so real.