Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Milk Chocolate"

Oil on 1/4" Board. Approx 6"x6" SOLD.

My first chocolate bar. You know, I really don't eat too much chocolate. It needs to have peanut butter with it for me to enjoy it. So as for the rest of this bar...I won't eat it. Anyway the foil was fun and the variations of value in the actual chocolate was a good challenge.


Mark Adams said...

Michael – I came upon the daily painter’s site by chance back in October and your work caught my eye. Reviewing the paintings in your blog and reading the comments was inspiring. Someone had commented that, after looking at your oeuvre; he “wasn’t bored.” I thought that was a left-handed compliment at the time, but having seen months of this groups daily cherries, daily pears, etc.; I find you always bring a fresh vision, even when you reprise a subject. The lighting of this piece is brilliant. It looks like a comet hurtling through space, the intense light near the bite and the highlights of the chocolate cast visual sparks and the directional brushwork of the background give it speed. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Hello Michael,
I visit regularly your blog and I must say I like very very much your work. I have the same feeling as Mark, your daily works are various and I like your style and your palette.
Congratulations for the coming baby and my best wishes for you and family.
(sorry for the bad english)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Taking a bite out of that candy bar..mmmmmmmmmm
Great rendition.

Unknown said...

Michael, I'm such a fan of your amazing work!

Anonymous said...
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Jo Castillo said...

Michael, Yummmmm. Nice set up and it really looks good enough to eat.

Unknown said...

Michael - I stumbled on your site while searching for inspiration. I don't usually spend much time looking at still life paintings, but yours always capture my attention. I am glued to your work. Will you comment on your palette selection a little? Is it similar from one painting to the next, or do you select a specific palette for each piece? Forgive my ignorance as I am very new to painting.