Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Enamel Bowl with Apple & Book"

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Oil on 1/4" Board. 8" x 8" SOLD.

I am usually afraid of strong elipses because they can make or break an entire painting. That was my challenge in this painting. I bought that enamel bowl at my lunch hour today at resale shop by my work. I have been finding great treasures there lately. They will be in future paintings...stay tuned.


m collier said...

Nice strong composition --

JMahorney said...

Beautiful color scheme. I love the bowl.


very striking. beautiful work.

kim shields said...

When I came across your blog recently, I was so fascinated by your two matches paintings. I have been viewing your work daily. I really love this on, you really captured the antiquity of the book.

Brendy Vaughn said...

Really great - the colors, the composition, everything.

Have you considered making your images clickable to see a larger version? It would be nice to see them bigger.

Jo Castillo said...

Nice over all. I do love red and blue. :)