Friday, September 28, 2007

"Cracked Coconut"

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Oil on 1/4" Board. 6" x 6" Commission - NFS

It was quite a challenge cracking this coconut. It took a chisel, hammer and a lot of muscle to even break the surface. It was a cool challenge to paint, also. This is post number 221 for my Daily Painting blog.


Kelley MacDonald said...

Man, I can't believe nobody's commenting on this! I'm passing your blog around to get some views today! I like the brushwork here, and the balance of the neutrals.

Dana Marie said...

Wow, wonderful piece! LOVE the brush work here...fantastic!

~ Dana Marie

Linda said...

Very Realistic. Excellent art.

sweetcakes said...

Is this coconut painting available for purchase?

Michael Naples said...

Sweetcakes, this one is sold but I could paint something similar for you if you are interested. email me for details,