Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"Formal Apple"

Oil on 1/8" Gesso Board. Approx 6"x6" SOLD

I'm back from our road trip '09 and can't wait to paint some of the pics I took. We went to the smokey mountains in Gatlinburg, TN. Great time down there.

I am trying out a new board. It's an 1/8" gesso board that is primed in the same way as my other boards...with black acrylic. It is thinner to work on but I like it.


Dean Grey said...

Hello Mike!

I'm going to be a little critical on this one (you do such GREAT work so I know you can handle it!).

The colors are really nice. The apple is a bright yellow-apple-green, the background a glowing sea foam green, and the tablecloth a vibrant red.


I'm not so sure they all go together. Maybe it's the two different greens competing against the red. Colorful but jarring at the same time.

And everything is a bit too lined up and centered.

The apple is right in the middle vertically as is the tip of the white napkin. Even the sea foam green background and the red cloth seem to meet in the horizontal middle.

Perhaps if the white napkin hanged more to the left or right that might've helped.

Not a bad painting by any means, but comparing this one against your previous four posts ("Lime with Glass", "Corked", "Two Corks", and "Lime Slice"), well they just blow this one away.

This still life definitely has bones and a good foundation. If the composition and colors were tweaked just a bit, this would be another classic Naples painting!

I admire your work so much. You've come a long way in your style and technique so I hope you see I'm trying to help than just critique.


Leslie Saeta said...

Gosh - I missed you while you were gone! I love your paintings and even though the previous post doesn't like your colors in this one - I love them! Great complementary colors and I think the contrast is really wonderful. Another good one! Actually ... a great one!

Dean Grey said...

Hey Leslie!

I actually really love all the colors in this painting (see my original comment). Very intense and vibrant.

I'm just not sure they all work together harmoniously since they're ALL so vibrant.

That's all.


Anonymous said...

now this is what a painting blog is about, it's good to get clear critique as dean has given here, and i can see both artists' have their points. i love the apple and the brushwork and i agree with dean about some colour choices. r

Anonymous said...

The apple of your eye told me she likes this one.

Unknown said...

Nice composition on this one.

Elizabeth Seaver said...

The first thing that struck me is the presence of the brush strokes on the apple. I just love that, esp. in contrast to the smoother textures elsewhere in the painting!

VickiRossArt said...

Mike, I like it. Yes, Dean, you made some good comments, but sometimes it feels good to break the rules!

Siret said...

It is very delicious looking painting :). I actually like the center-thing - the forbidden fruit itself :D.

Rhonda Hurwitz said...


No comment, just awe.

Gwen Bell said...

I really like the crispness of this. My favorite part is the right side where the red bumps the white and where the bright green and apple shadow hit the white. Wonderful transition on the apple.

L.Holm said...

Could not be more perfect!