Saturday, April 17, 2010

Yellow Frosted

Oil on Cradled Hardboard. Approx 8"x8" SOLD

It was shear joy painting the frosting on this cupcake. I know the color on each monitor will vary but the background is more of a purple than go with the yellow.


Linda Popple said...

My monitor shows the purple background - fabulous! The reflection in the plate is so very nice. The icing looks yummy with the yellow and touches of purple. The wrapper is perfect. Every painting I see of yours is always good!

Anonymous said...

purple here and a delightful painting!

Cynthia said...

beautiful I am hungry!!

Jonathan said...

Great presentation, I'm ready to eat the frosting!

Dean Grey said...


A joy to paint? I bet it was a joy to eat too!

Fantastic job on this!

The purple background is dulled down just enough without competing with the frosting yet is still very regal looking. (I want my walls painted that color now!)

The tiny details are wonderfully executed too. The turn of the frosting, the ridges in the cupcake liner, the cupcake's subtle reflection on the plate.

It's all good!


mary maxam said...

yes, fabulous! the grayed color really adds to the softness of it all.