Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reflecting Neighbors

Oil on 3/8" Board. Approx 8"x8" SOLD

I picked up this cup at a local resale shop. I love this style of mug. I think it's enamel plated...or something. Typically used when camping. Right? Anyway, it looked good with that lemon next to it. We have our next challenge painting coming up quick here. I think Sunday is when we post it. Keep an eye out.


Anonymous said...

it's amazing how strong the reflection of lemons is in the blue enamel. wonderful brushwork. r.

Steven P. Goodman said...

I really like the composition of these last two. There seems to be an added psychological element as if the objects are balancing on a ledge or crossing a bridge.

Nancy Goldman said...

Your oil paintings are so beautifully done.

Dean Grey said...


Metallic and shiny!

Good job on this one, especially the reflections!



I like this cup, the metallic blue is excellent. I especially love the reflection of the lemon! Once again, its so alive!


Inna Lazarev said...

Wonderful small painting! Great effect is achieved with economy of colors. Reflection of lemon in the cup is marvelous.

Inna Lazarev