Friday, May 29, 2009

One Red Apple

Oil on 1/8" Gessoboard. Approx 6"x6"

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Simple, right? I know. My goal here was to bring as much interest to this as possible in the painting process. I let more brush strokes drag accross the surface and embellished the reflected lights on both sides of the apple. I am pleased with the end result.


Déjà View Designs said...

I love this! It looks so "juicy".

Leslie Saeta said...

You should be pleased ... it's amazing!

KEITH PROCTOR Painting blog said...

Another great piece lots and lots of talent here.

Dean Grey said...


The way the apple was painted looks fine, Mike.

It's just its shape that looks a bit "off" to me. Like we're seeing it from a bird's-eye view or something.

The top part looks okay it's just the bottom of the apple that looks too spindly. Maybe it's because the bottom is so defined and shapely that it's throwing me off.

Not bad at all, but I've seen you do much more amazing fruit still lifes than this.


Dean Grey said...
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