Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"Baby Shoes"

Oil on 1/8" Gessoboard. Approx 6"x6 SOLD

Here are the third challenge paintings. The subject this month was your favorite shoes. Mine happen to belong to my daughter, Lucy. I can't believe she will be one next month. Time flies.


Leslie Saeta said...

Oh ... these are wonderful. Your baby shoes paintings are my absolute favorite and I love this challenge. Thanks for sharing.

Loredana Mariotto said...

All are very well done, but your is so cute! Congrats!

Barbara Pask said...

My favorite is yours, so precious.

Pam Holnback said...

This pair is as wonderful as the little black ones. What a great momento of your daughter's life.

Ty Carter said...

Beautiful work you have Michael! Excited to see more :)

Dean Grey said...

I almost gasped when I saw these.

I instantly thought of the "Mary Janes" paintings you did a while back!

Another great job here! Another "Naples Classic"!

But my favorite baby shoe painting from you is still "Pink Mary Janes" IMHO.

Do you think these come in my size? Kidding....kind of!