Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Drawings That Started It All

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Charcoal on Strathmore Bristol Board.

Back in August of last year I started this blog not as a painting challenge but a drawing one. Within the first month I picked up the paint brush and the rest is history. Fastly approaching my one year anniversary, its amazing to see the evolution and changes. I figured I would make the drawings that strated it all available again. Each one is listed in it's own auction. Click under the drawing montage to view them all (well most anyway).


Jo Castillo said...

It is so fun to see these all together. Congratulations on this year of work!


Todd Bonita said...

Cool idea Mike, they look real cool together too. I'll bet it feels good to see what you've accomplished, very well done. Looking forward to seeing what this year brings to your canvas.
All the best,