Thursday, July 12, 2007


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Oil on 1/4" Board, 6"x6". SOLD.

I saw these clouds from my kitchen table. I sat down and started painting. I got about 10 brush strokes in and the clouds had moved so much they looked totally different. Luckily I got a good enough block in and felt I captured the form enough in those first few stokes that I continued from memory. It was a fun challenge... like when you try drawing the hand that's drawing. If you haven't done this, you should try it!


JVR said...

another great painting!

master, maybe you will enjoy this
guy's site:


m collier said...

Very Nice !!


love your technique and style - the clouds really caught my eye.


Helen Read said...

They really caught my eye too! Nicely done!

Mike said...

Michael . . .I've been all thru your blog and wondered how you keep the great consistent work going. This clouds are delightful!

Great stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Please do some more of the clouds...I desperately want one...or two...or more!!!!!!!!