Thursday, May 24, 2007


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Oil on 1/2" Board, 5"x6". Commission-NFS


Elizabeth Patterson said...

How can a simple head of garlic be so noble? You do a wonderful job of giving everyday items their due importance. ( ...and garlic is definitely important! Running out of garlic in my house constitutes an emergency!) Seriously, though, I think there is a connection here to your portrait work. I also do portraits, and here's what I think. The practice of capturing not just a likeness, but that spark of personality or spirit, naturally carries over to all of your work... the result being, that the little painting of a head of garlic wasn't "done" until it had the spark. I see it. I appreciate it. Looking at your work makes me smile!
(Incidentally, Todd sent my wordy self your way, and I'm glad he did!)

Michael Naples said...

Hey, thanks a bunch, elizabeth. and thanks to my blogger buddy, Todd. Its good to be in connection with two talented artists such as yourselves.

Anonymous said...

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