Wednesday, June 20, 2012

New Portrait

Graphite on Bristol Board. Approx 8"x11"

I don't do too many portraits anymore but this was a request from a friend for a Father's Day gift. It felt good to use something other than paint for a change.


Linda Roth said...

Having just finished a couple of graphite portraits, this portrait interests me. Why bristol board? Isn't it difficult to lift the graphite? Bristol board is a bit spongy. Maybe I'm buying the right stuff?

Meanwhile, I looked through your posts. you're a wonderful painter, but I am looking for portrait or figurative painters these days. I've decided to finally focus on what I'm best at. It's about time. I'm playing the last quarter!

Anonymous said...

Great sketch. You kid's personalities come through nicely.

ashok said...

superb sketch