Monday, May 02, 2011

Wire Crossing

Oil on 1/4" Board. Approx 6"x6" SOLD

I love how these wires seemed like a tangled mess. This was one of the demos I did this past weekend. I was fortunate enough to have a gentleman fly in from Turkey to do a 3-day workshop with me. It was an honor and pleasure.


Christine said...

I enjoy following your work but I especially like this husband is an engineer who so we are always having to stop and admire tangled wires....I often think of painting them....I love how you handled this...I also loved the Zippo challenge you did

Catherine said...

I really like this one Michael. There is something forlorn about it but in an appealing way. Like Christine, I enjoyed doing the Zippo challenge. Thanks for that!

Anonymous said...

Michael, the way you gave this painting atmosphere via the broken edges of the wire "lines" shows your skill as a painter! Wow! This, coupled with the broken atmosphere of the sky and the composition is phenomenal. Michael Naples you rock!