Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tomato Pedestal

Oil on 2.5" Thick Cradled Hardboard. 12"x12" SOLD

This is the first of two paintings that are a little larger than my normal dailies. Also this one is on a thick cradled hardboard with the edges painted black so framing is not necessary but optional. I picked up this old crate from an estate sale down the street from my house. It was my first estate sale where everything including the kitchen sink was for sale. You just had to remove it yourself. I ended up buying a 4 foot light for my studio for $5 including the bulbs. That was a steal.


Sandra Galda said...

This is really beautiful I love it! I love the tight rendering and yet the visble brushstrokes as you model the form. Nice balance ..

Shirley Peters said...

This is a lovely painting. Great composition. Subtle, soft treatment.

(I think I see a man...)

Paul Coventry-Brown said...

Oh yes!
Beautiful modeling and colour ............ great as always :-)


Vicki Macy said...

This is really nice - style is a bit different than all the others.
Smooth, refined.
Love the backlighting.

m collier said...

Very nice painting and of coarse I love the lighting.

Caroline Peña Bray said...

Excellent...your style seems to be developing in the most wonderful directions. Looking forward to seeing more!

Dean Grey said...

Expertly done, Mike!

I don't know what I like better, the crate or the tomato!

I really like how the light dominates just near the center. Smart composition and layout on your part.

So simple yet so exquisite!


Anonymous said...

Ah! Here it is! Very good. I like how you worked in the old crate, too. The artistic eye sees beauty in the most unlikely places, eh?

Very much reminds me of one I saw earlier today, HERE.