Thursday, July 23, 2009

Double Yolk

Oil on 3/8" Gessoboard (this board has a hanger groove notched in the back) Approx 8"x8" SOLD

This painting kind of had a slow start to it. It wasn't until the last half hour or so when the intensity and drama really came out. At that point it was like "achieving flow". Runners talk about that sort of thing (at least I did when I was a runner). When you're on a long run, at 8 or 9 miles of an 18 miler you just hit a groove where the rest of the miles just flow right by. Now that I am reminiscing about those day I really miss it. Any other runners out there reading this?


Dean Grey said...


First off, I love how this still life is being lit.

The egg yolks/whites are casting such a beautiful gold light within the metallic bowl. Almost like they're glowing!

The eggshells are dramatically lit up too!

You managed to take a common kitchen scene and turn it into a work of art!



Anonymous said...

beautiful painting Mike, love how you have handled the reflected light. as for getting into the flow: i think this is a very true statement for so many activities. i play tennis and once i get a beat going in my head, i prepare in time, everything is focused and my playing improves. good to hear something similar happens in painting too said...

Excellent piece of work !

"aus einem Guss" as the Germans say.

Keep the good works go

Dick Plat,


Helen Read said...

I love the luminosity - in the bowl, in the shells, in the yolks ... You've gotten the attention of the viewer! Lovely.

Sandra Galda said...

Those lucky yolks, getting painted by you!! Excellent!! Yes, trying to add some running to my workouts, and it is harder when you are older. My hubby and I used to run a lot about 10 years ago, it is hard! must train for it and yes, there were times that you could tell the body kicked into gear! Hasnt happened much this summer yet as I have been trying to get back to running a bit..... it is called OLD

Unknown said...

Great work, Mike. Been following your blog for awhile after a friend showed me your work.
I'm a runner and a painter, and the two are sometimes so diametrically opposed - but it is true that both can get you into a zone when everything is going right. There's a mental aspect to both, but I think that"flow" in painting comes when I let go of some of the conscious thinking process and get into that more right brained kind of mode - I think of it as "feeling" the objects with my eyes, and sensing how the light flows over them and sculpting that with pigment and brush. In running, (and my husband and I both do super long distances) I can never predict it - but for sure it seldom happens early in the game, usually when I've settled in for a long haul and am doing a moderate, but steady pace. Going out for some long distance this weekend!

Don Coker said...

Powerful design Michael! I love the colors of the yolk against the container.

deborah green said...

Great painting, love the eggshell edges and reflections in the bowl. Look forward to seeing more of your work.

Diana Franshesca said...


John Vander Stelt said...

Unusual, but effective composition. Nicely lit too!