Friday, June 05, 2009

Chinese Take Out

Oil on 3/8" Canvas Board. Approx 8"x8" SOLD

It didn't dawn on me to paint the left over chinese food box until I opened my fridge a couple days later. It was like a light from above shining down. I was instantly inspired. I felt compelled to use a larger board for this one. It is a 3/8" thick board that has a groove for a hanger already cut in the back so framing is optional.


Jeff Cohen said...

Don't you love all the colors in something we think of as white? Really cool painting!

Marian Fortunati said...

You are really an amazing artist, Michael.
Your lines are so crisp and your brushstrokes lovely!!
And yes.. your studies in the value / color relationship are what we all drool over, I think... Well, one of the things we drool over.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful brushwork (as always). Which colours did you use in the shadows? It looks like indigo blue, is it?

Leslie Saeta said...

I am so inspired by your talent. You took an ordinary white box and painted it into something fantastic. Wow ...

Anonymous said...


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Warm Regards Team said...

Almost every day coming up with masterpieces of this quality..

Michael Naples makes my day

Keep the good works go.
You inspire me. Thanks for that



Jelaine Faunce said...

This is absolutely stunning in its simplicity. I love it, Michael.


Hi Michael. I have taken one of your images, to accompany a text of my blog. I hope that it doesn't matter for you. If you do not wish that I put it, say me and I'll change it.
Thank you!
I like very much your painting.

Red Flashlight said...

Perfectly elegant. Wow!

Dean Grey said...

I love Chinese Food!

Now onto the painting.

This is sooooo deceptively simple, Mike!

This is almost entirely done in shades of gray but has so much depth to it. Great job with that!

Very simple, crisp, and clean looking too.

The shadows on the carton and the surface bring this box to life!

Szechwan Chicken anyone?