Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Oil on 3/8" Board. Approx 8"x8" SOLD

I painted this as a gift for a friend I visited in L.A. this past holiday weekend. It was a rockin' time. A lot of laughing and people watching. I saw all of the sites that I have only seen on TV before. My wife actually got me the trip. She planned it all ahead of time for my 30th birthday which was earlier this month. That's why I say she's the best.


r garriott said...

Outstanding... so elegant! Love the crop.

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Would you like to add some step by step pics as well. I'd love to see your painting in progress. Thanks

Gary Keimig said...

Wonderful job. I also like the crop. And the contrasts are superb.
Great piece.

EWian said...

Gratulerer med dagen(Norwegian) Happy birthday. The reflection/light on this was beautiful!


Laurel Mines said...

That is great!...and you're only 30! It is so nice you say great things about your wife too!

Leslie Saeta said...

This is simply stunning. You can come visit my house ANYTIME in Southern California ... tee hee!

Dean Grey said...

Happy belated birthday, Mike!

The teapot painting is quite well done.

As others have stated, cropping the subject allows us to see all of the little details.

Very intricate and stately looking.

It even appears to glow in certain spots and that's not an easy effect to achieve!

Just great!


soobeedoo said...

Oooh, it almost has a halo - like I sometimes see with my dirty eyeglasses... Wait, are my glasses dirty?

So realistic, love it.

Guadalupe AramburĂș said...

it´s great!