Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Little Fuzzy Puppies

Oil on 1/4" Board Approx. 8"x10" Commission-NFS

You are going to have to trust me that this painting looks better in person...then again most of them do. The picture didn't capture all the subtleties in the colors. Anyway, posting might be slow going until after Christmas so stay tuned.


Jean Victory said...

Hi Michael,
The photo is fine! You have great control over your use of green, what is your secret? It's the one color I have a hard time trying to achieve a good range with. Keep up the excellant work!

Takeyce said...

How adorable, Michael. This is a little different from your still life paintings, but just as masterful. Great job!

kim shields said...

You have been tagged! You are one of my favorite artists. If need be, refer to my blog for the rules.