Friday, June 17, 2011

my NEW book: SQUARED

Measures 7"x7", 114 pages.

For purchase information, please visit my bookstore here.

This is a representation of 100 favorite paintings from the substantial collection of square works. They are separated into 9 sections to easily categorize the diversity in subject matter. It has a whopping 114 pages and measures 7″ square and comes in softcover, hard cover with dust jacket, or hard cover image wrap. Each image in the book measures 5.2″. This book is printed at the highest quality using which is a company that specializes in book production.


Fay Terry said...

Congratulations on your book, Michael. The cover looks terrific and I'm sure your wonderful paintings make it very special.

Stephanie Berry said...

Best of luck with your book! I've enjoyed seeing your portraits. Nice to see the variety.

Sarah Hoffstadter said...

That is so fabulous - congrats!! Your book and art is absolutely lovely!

ZJ said...

Michael, Very nice book! I also love blueberries! ;o) You're inspiring. I have had challenges in finding dedicated time to paint. Maybe if I keep checking your blog out I'll get to doing something. Kudos!


Anonymous said...

Michael, I mentioned your new book today on Rosa's Picks! Just wanted to let you know.

af ferret said...

bravo pour ce livre: fabuleux!