Thursday, October 26, 2006

"Half Shot of Black"

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Oil on 1/2" Board, 6"x5". SOLD.


Gr said...

is that black bushmills whiskey? its great. (the painting I mean)

Maggie Stiefvater said...

This is all sorts of nice, even for a non-drinker such as myself . . . bad day at the easel? ;)

Michael Naples said...

Thanks for the comments! I love the light reflecting through the bottle. It attracts me even though the liquor doesn't.

Delilah said...


This great. I love it. I am just starting to do glass and I know how hard it is to get that great reflection. Truly great.


lhenderson said...

thanks for the kind comments on my blog...if ever there was someone who understands your "story," I do. Mine reads just about the same, maybe even more time wasted however. You've got loads of talent, too much to waste! Nice work here, keep it up